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Non-Destructive Integrity Test Methods


Are there any technologies or systems that will allow for non-contact and non-destructive detection of packaging integrity issues in sealed foiled packaging?


There are a number of nondestructive test methods that can be utilized for evaluating package integrity. However, most require some contact with the package during testing. Trace gas and vacuum decay methods can be used with minimal contact to the package, and typically the packaged product is usable post testing.

There are emerging technologies which are noncontact and nondestructive. One of the technologies utilizes airborne ultrasound. This technology transmits ultrasonic waves through a seal and is picked up by a receiver. As the ultrasonic waves pass through the material, dissimilar densities are identified. Because air in the channel has a different density than the surrounding solid areas of the seal, channels can be discovered. The equipment incorporating this technology may be limited to detecting only “gross” channels.

Last updated on 2011-04-18 18:09:55 UTC
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